giovedì, maggio 21, 2009


Margherita va all'asilo ed ha bisogno assolutamente di una borsina personalizzata!

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O.t. Manary ha detto...


This nice!!!

So beautiful....

NICE job, my friend....

FrancescaV ha detto...

Margherita ha assolutamente ragione. Borsa deliziosa!

Marina ha detto...


O.t. Manary ha detto...

Hi there Franci,

Yeah, you're totally right: Our Home, I mean, Our Planet Earth is so wonderful, beautiful and filled with the majestic signs of the Mighty and Awesome God that had created it. I am really amazed with all the beauty of every place and every Country in the World. And I know that Italy is a beautiful Country. And as you said, that would be a wonderful thing to do, just to post some of the beauty of your City or maybe Italy.

I have a dream, or maybe a plan (I should say) to visit Italy, specially Rome, Milan and other nicest place over there. But while that day is still to come, I really suggest you to create another blog, maybe; and just post photos from around your city and your place.... or maybe Italy.

Again, congratulations for the wonderful job that you and your friends do in order to help peoples in need around the world. Actually it is a work of art above all... Really nice and beautiful stuff. I would love to buy some and to have in my home.

Thanks for your constant visit in my Blog and feel free to come any time. A big hug, and kisses.

Have a wonderful day, together with your precious and lovely Family.

O.t. Manary

Alessia ha detto...

Ma che dimensioni ha? Pensi che andrebbe bene come borsa portalibro e ombrello per la mia mamma?

Rossella ha detto...

dal vivo la borsina è ancora più bella e super-profumata! Sono felice di "avere" uno dei tuoi lavori.
Grazie molto per la disponibilità e gentilezza.